Chantal Michelle 



⎤⎤⎤ is an experimental noise project formed by Chantal Michelle and Grace Villamil. Working across performance and installation, they examine processes of sound obliteration through synthesis, electronics, found sounds, and vocalization. Distortion is stripped revealing uninhabited, organic, and intuitive patterns. Through the conscious layering of complex textures, they seek to guide the listener into a state of catharsis — one that functions as both an antidote and a mirror to society.

⎤⎤⎤‘s work has been presented at Fridman Gallery [NY], Morphine Raum [DE], and Ormside Projects [UK].  They released their debut album on the Italian label  SUPERPANG in November of 2023 and will premiere a new work at the sculpture museum Opus 40 in  July of 2024.